What might the new civics test look like?

Here’s a likely possibility.

I've been wondering what exactly USCIS had in mind when it announced that the need for standardization and advances in technology are driving the test redesign project. My colleague, Bill Bliss, passed on a hot tip on what USCIS may be looking at as a model for testing technology, using a multiple choice format.

At this link, you can see and take a (non-official) practice test based on Canada's new internet-based citizenship test.The content, of course, is different from what US applicants study, but the format and on-line technology may be what USCIS has in mind for the civics part of the test. You will see that each item contains a question and four answer options. In the practice test, the four options consist only of a name, date, or short phrase, although answer options in three sample test items provided in the official study guide do not follow this pattern. The Canadian test appears to be text-only, with no audio support offered to test-takers, although the official study guide is available as both text and audio.

According to Canadian Immigration, "Rather than having to travel to a testing center and take the exam at a specific time, [applicants] can complete the test on their own schedule from any location with an internet connection." They also state that the new system allows them to process and review citizenship applications more efficiently. They have recently announced that the "new online Canadian citizenship test is a significant step forward in modernizing and streamlining the naturalization process for immigrants. It will make it easier and more convenient for applicants to become Canadian citizens, while also improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the process."

It's important to note that in Canada, the test is waived for immigrants who are 55 and over.

Source: https://www.citizentest.ca/ircc-introduces-new-online-canadian-citizenship-test/