Coming Soon: Official Fee Waiver Form

Did you know that low income citizenship applicants (SSI recipients, for example) are eligible for a fee waiver? Right now, USCIS provides no official form and very little in the way of instructions for requesting a fee waiver. That's  to change soon. At this site, you can see a draft of the new fee waiver request form and instructions that USCIS is planning to use in the future:
Here's some official background on the new fee waiver form:

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has proposed for the first time a standardized fee waiver form in an effort to provide relief for financially disadvantaged individuals seeking immigration benefits.  USCIS has published a notice in the Federal Register seeking public comment on the proposed form – Form I-912, Request for Individual Fee Waiver.

The proposed fee waiver form is the product of extensive collaboration with the public.  In meetings with stakeholders, USCIS heard concerns that the absence of a standardized fee waiver form led to confusion about the criteria that had to be met as well as the adjudication standards.  USCIS worked with stakeholders in developing the fee waiver form that is now posted for comment.

  • The form will standardize the way applicants and petitioners submit a fee waiver request to USCIS by providing clear criteria to the applicant and bringing consistency to the application process.
  • The form proposes clear evidentiary requirements. For example if an applicant can show that he/she has received a means-tested benefit in the last 6 months and has evidence to document this claim, he/she does not need to submit further evidence.
  • The form instructions provide guidance on the application types for which a fee waiver can be requested.
  • One Form I-912 may be filed for both the underlying application fee as well as the biometrics fee associated with that application.
  • USCIS officers will be trained on how to adjudicate the form after the Office of Management and Budget approves its use.