New features added to USCIS website

case inquiries for delayed N-400's and case status updates in Spanish

USCIS has announced the launch of new web features designed to expand users’ access to their case information.

Customers will now be able to submit an electronic inquiry directly to a USCIS Field Office or Service Center to request case status information if their Application for Naturalization (Form N-400) is outside the posted processing times. This electronic inquiry system should reduce the need for customers to make InfoPass appointments to speak with USCIS representatives in person. Additionally, once the electronic inquiry is received, USCIS now commits to a 15-day customer response, reduced from the previous commitment to respond within 30 days. 

Customers can now elect to receive e-mail updates about their case status in Spanish. (Note: The website has had this option in English for some time now.) They may also change their address online in Spanish. These expanded online options will enable USCIS to better interact with the Spanish-speaking segment of the public that it serves.


Wanna try it out?

  • make an inquiry on an N-400 or I-90 that is beyond posted processing times here (you'll need an actual receipt number):


  • check your case status in Spanish: