Send USCIS Your Comments on the New Test

As citizenship educators, we are the front line when it comes to the new test that the current administration has just pushed through. We speak as a profession, and also for the many students who will be adversely affected by the new test. One of the national groups that I have worked with over the years, CLINIC (Catholic Legal Immigration Network Inc.) has launched a click-to-comment page to make it easy to provide our input into the new test--and the rushed process used to implement it.

"The barriers this new test will put in place and the overall implications on access to citizenship are massive. With the new test going into effect little more than a month before the administration change, the Trump administration’s motives to suppress naturalization in the long term are clear. Without vocal and resounding opposition now, this test could be in place for a decade or more and affect millions of people seeking to naturalize. If you believe that everyone should have access to the American dream and you reject plans that would bar citizenship for all but the elite, click to comment today!"

I am submitting my own comments, and I encourage my subscribers to do the same--by 3PM on Monday, Dec. 14th:

[Note: Although CLINIC has provided a generic comment you can use if you're in a hurry, it will have far more impact if you write a comment with your own unique perspective as a citizenship educator, and tell how the new test will affect you and your students.]