Using "Citizenship: Passing the Test" to teach both sets of test questions

As subscribers to this page now know, USCIS released a new citizenship civics test on December 1, 2020. There are now 128 (generally more difficult) questions instead of 100. Though it is likely that the Biden administration will revoke these changes and make its own revisions, some teachers may decide to hedge their bets and teach both sets of questions.

If you decide to do this, I recommend using the current edition of Civics and Literacy book to introduce the additional content needed for the new questions.

I have prepared a table that shows each question on the 2020 test beside an existing question from the 2008 test. Next to the 2008 questions, you will see the corresponding chapter in which the topic is covered in Citizenship: Passing the Test. Some questions have not changed. Other questions have been reworded but still cover the same basic civics concept. If a question covers new content, I list the chapter in Citizenship: Passing the Test where you can find relevant context for introducing the new concept.

I hope you will find this table helpful, while we wait to see what happens with the test in the next few months. As always, I will keep you posted on any new developments as I learn about them.