Basic combat training now includes naturalization

miliary makes it easier and quicker for soldiers to become citizens

A new arrangement between USCIS and military bases allows recruits to apply for citizenship and start the application process during their basic combat training.

"The Army has offered an expedited naturalization process for Soldiers for some time, however, since we have been at war for as long as we have, it was decided to allow Soldiers to begin the application process during their basic combat training rather than make them wait until they get to their first duty station."

" just gives you goosebumps it is so moving. The families are cheering, their fellow troops are cheering them on, people just really connect with this and it comes at a great time because all the work they put in to become a citizen culminates at the end of all the work they do to become a Soldier. [USCIS and military spokesmen] agreed the naturalization ceremonies held during family days at training bases are ones they won't likely forget. "

"It is amazing to see Soldiers receive their citizenship. They walk around with a permanent grin they are just so proud. It is simply amazing."

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