Video of Oath Ceremony on USCIS YouTube Channel

If you're looking for a video of a USCIS Oath Ceremony to show your students, there are plenty on YouTube, however they're mostly home-made, and don't have clear sound quality or visuals. Here's a link to an Oath Ceremony that was filmed 9/23/11, by USCIS for their YouTube channel. The video has professional quality visual and sound quality, and features some famous people: Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security (who administers the oath), Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (who tells about becomming a citizen herself, and how much that meant to her) and Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior. As is traditional for Oath Ceremonies, there is the "Presentation of the Colors" (flag ceremony), the group says the Pledge of Allegiance, and sings the National Anthem.

It takes a while to view the whole thing (it's 37 minutes long), but even if you fast-forward through some of the sections, it's a good resource for giving students an idea of what to expect at their Oath Ceremonies.

See the video at