a great new resource for citizenship applicants/advocates

Immigration Advocates Network and Immigration Legal Resource Center have put together a new website, CitizenshipWorks, to help immigrants and advocates navigate the citizenship process. The materials on the site are free, they offer definitive legal information, and they walk the user through it all step-by-step, in many cases with audio-narration.

Unfortunately, because of the rapid pace of the narration, and advanced-level ("legalese") language employed, the site is really not accessible to limited English speakers. However, I think people who teach citizenship, or who help immigrants with their applications will find a treasure trove of information here (which they can simplify, explain, or translate for limited English speaking students).

Hopefully the resources here will also divert some traffic away from the fake immigration "help" sites looking to scam them.


The CitizenshipWorks toolkit includes:

1) An interactive interview to help immigrants understand their eligibility for naturalization;

2) A self-paced interactive tutorial that explains the naturalization process step-by-step;

3) An online tutorial to help students prepare for the test, and

4) Links to related resources and info 


Take a look: