The Oath, New Voter Registration, Reasons to Naturalize

Here’s an assortment of resources/information I’d like to share

1. Video of the Oath of Allegiance

Readers sometimes ask where they can find a high quality video of the Oath of Allegiance being administed to new citizens. At the YouTube address below, you find a video from USCIS of a recent Oath Ceremony, and though it's a long ceremony, you can skip ahead to the 1530 mark to see just the oath.

2. Voter Registration Data

Here are some statistics from New American Media about the voting potential of immigrants, if they should choose to naturalize. It includes a link to an interactive map that shows the growth in voter registration that could take place in various places if immigrant residents were to gain citizenship status. 

Newly obtained data from the DHS Office of Immigration Statistics provide another indication that immigrants in the United States hold untapped electoral power. There are 8.1 million legal immigrants who arrived in this country between 1985 and 2005 and who are likely eligible to become naturalized U.S. citizens with the power to vote. If these immigrants were already U.S. citizens, and if they registered to vote at the same rate as other naturalized citizens (61%), counties across the nation would see their voter registration rolls jump dramatically.



3. The Top 6 Reasons Citizenship is a Better Option vs. Renewing Your Green Card

Here is a llink to a short law article that lists some reasons for choosing to go through the naturalization process rather than continuing to renew a green card (and remain a permanent resident indefinately). Keep in mind however, that immigrants may lose certain rights in their native country if that country does not recognize dual citizenship.