How Illegal Voting Can Affect One’s Naturalization Application

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How Illegal Voting Can Affect One's Naturalization Application


On occasion, I've run into citizenship applicants who mistakenly registered to vote by checking a box on their driver's license paperwork. I've even heard of cases where immigrants were (wrongly) encouraged to vote in elections. I've never heard of anyone deliberately commiting fraud in this way, but the consequences could be serious nontheless.


ILRC has created a free podcast to answer questions about illegal voting and how this can affect an individual's naturalization application. Some of the questions in this recording include:

  • What happens if someone registers to vote and applies for naturalization?
  • What would happen if an individual actually voted and applied for naturalization?

This resource is for anyone who is unsure whether or not a naturalization application may be at jeopardy due to registering to vote or voting. 


Listen to the podcast here: