Program opens door to citizenship for immigrants

The $20-million New Americans Campaign will hold workshops to help permanent residents in eight U.S. cities fill out applications and prepare for exams.

The LA Times just came out with a story on the New Americans Campaign:

"...Sepida is among the millions of immigrants who are eligible for citizenship but have postponed the milestone, whether because of the $680 fee, a busy schedule or fear of theEnglish and civics exams. In 2011, about 750,000 immigrants applied for naturalization out of the 8.5 million who were eligible.

A $20-million effort is now under way to get more permanent residents to become citizens so they can vote, have access to a wider range of jobs and become fully American. The money for the New Americans Campaign comes from major foundations and is going mainly to nonprofits that have already been doing citizenship work. Two former commissioners of the Immigration and Naturalization Service have signed on as advisors."

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