Indicted FIFA Exec Allegedly Faked “Severe Dementia” to Avoid U.S. Citizenship Test

(you can’t make stuff like this up)

I don't have words for this:

[from a 6/16/15 article by By Ben Mathis-Lilley at]


Uruguayan soccer figure Eugenio Figueredo is one of many FIFA executives recently charged with corruption by United States authorities. The Justice Department indictment's description of Figueredo, however, is much more colorful than its mini-biographies of the other accused individuals.

From at least in or about 2005 to the present, FIGUEREDO maintained a residence in the United States, specifically in Arcadia, California. According to a naturalization application FIGUEREDO filed in 2005 with U.S. immigration authorities, beginning in 1997 FIGUEREDO worked in “sales” at a “decorative rock” business in Irwindale, California. In his application, FIGUEREDO falsely affirmed under penalty of perjury that (a) he neither worked anywhere else in the previous five years nor ever had any affiliation with any organization or association in the United States or in any other place; and (b) he was exempt from the required English language and civics exams because of a mental disability. Prior to obtaining his U.S. citizenship in August 2006, FIGUEREDO submitted documentation explaining his mental disability that falsely stated that he had severe dementia.
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