Here’s a new version of the "side by side" correlation of new and old civics questions

Back in December I posted a table showing the new test questions along with similar questions from the old test. Using the correlations, teachers can continue to teach civics content using the current edition of Citizenship: Passing the Test, and suppliment by introducing the re-worded questions in the new test. In instances where the new test contains entirely new content, I indicate which chapter in the book the new content can most easily be built into.

Several teachers have requested a different version of the table that sequences the questions in the order that the content appears on the pages of Citizenship: Passing the Test. So we've added a second table to the PDF to do that. You can find both versions of the table here:


I hope you will find this helpful!

(And by the way, I am still predicting that the Biden administration will pull the new test and make some revisions--if not scrap it altogether--sometime soon. We're all keeping our fingers crossed.)